Life coaching in nature is a refreshing new way of coaching. We walk whilst talking and nature will actively be incorporated in each session. Outdoor coaching offers some valuable advantages:

  • Walking in nature helps you to become quiet in your mind. Nature is restful, therefore you will be able to listen better to your inner voice, there where you can find all the answers to your questions.
  • Whilst walking, your body moves. Everything that is stuck in your mind, will more easily start to clear.
  • A conversation that takes place in the open, offers space for moments of silence and reflection. Eye contact is not always necessary. Therefore it will be easier for the client to express issues that are difficult or painful.
  • Outside in nature, you will literally and figuratively move outside your own world and paths. You will step into a new environment, set foot on new tracks, look over new views, discover new horizons. Therefore you will be more easily receptive for new experiences, views and initiatives.

‘Working with symbols will deepen your process of awareness.’

Besides all this, nature offers endless possibilities to work with metaphors and symbols. This will usually cause powerful breakthroughs in your process.
A symbol gives you the possibility to place the issue for a moment outside of your head, so you can literally look at it from a distance. This usually brings you much closer to your feelings and leads invariably to new insights. By making the issue visible, you create a clear anchor. Working with symbols will deepen your process of awareness. You will even notice that the choices and acts, which you experienced so physically, at the end, will be real and lasting.