Nanette Kant is the founder of Innersteps and the one who is still leading all programs with a lot of passion and engagement. Nanette is a person who sees people as they are. She looks through the outside and sees what usually remains hidden. She will hear words that haven't been said, see emotions that are not shown. In conversations she is easily able to fathom what it is really about. She is powerful in asking questions that get down to the root of the matter, in reflecting and confronting in a way that is powerful and loving at the same time. Anyone guided by her will feel safe and fully heard and at the same time be inspired and stimulated to live up to his-her full potential.

Nanette believes in the power of simplicity

Nanette believes in the power of simplicity. Personal development in her eyes means taking away all your outside layers, so that the simple core can shine as a source of power.
She herself will always develop herself by attending courses, workshops and retreats on a regular basis. All these activities confirm what she considers her inner knowledge: We are creating our own reality by the way we look at things. Only if we are willing to explore our deepest convictions about our reality, will we be able to actually change our life into the way we want it to be.

In 1996 Nanette moved from Holland to the Portuguese Algarve. Here she discovered the amazing power that nature has. "Nature is such a perfect mirror for human processes. It is wonderful to be able to use that in my work. I feel very connected with nature," she explains.