Human beings are not separate from nature, but are part of it. If you want to live and work in a natural and free flow, you need to respect the laws of nature, the laws of your own nature and nature as a bigger whole. Nature has its own pace of moving, growing and changing. It is an intelligent and complex eco system, driven by a powerful and vital source of creation. If you ignore the laws of nature, you will break down the connection with the wonderful flow of life. This, at the end, will cause feelings of loneliness, incompetence, frustration and separation.

‘The best leader is one who follows’

‘The best leader is one who follows’ . This is what the Chinese philosopher Lao Tse wrote in the 6th century before Christ. Follow the intelligence of nature, let the universal, transpersonal principles of nature be your guide. This is true leadership. This is the path that leads to fulfillment and satisfaction in life and work.

And how do you get to know these laws of nature? By observing. Again and again. Consciously observe what you are doing, what is your tendency and what is the effect on yourself and your environment? What do you feel, what do you experience, when does it flow, when does it not? What are you holding back? What is blocking you? We believe that awareness is the key to change. That what is being seen, what has become conscious, will automatically change. Without pressure, but in its own natural pace. When the time is exactly right.