Guiding people towards well being with nature as an inspiring source of wisdom. This is what Innersteps is aiming for.

We offer programs in Portugal (and Holland) to support life coaches and therapists in their work and in their own personal development. We also give individual life coaching and organize nature retreats on beautiful locations in the south of Portugal.

Our programs are based on the idea, that we are part of nature. We believe that being happy and fully living your potential is only possible when you respect nature’s universal laws.

In nature, everything has its own pace of growing and it’s own unique value in the bigger whole. An oak tree grows slow, an eucalyptus tree grows fast. An apple tree grows apples, a pear tree grows pears. To give each tree its full potential, we need to respect its natural rhythm of growth. The promise of the fruit is already hidden in the seed. All we need to do is follow its natural cycles and create the best circumstances for the tree to live its full potential.

(Also read our vision on this topic)

All programs take place outdoors and nature will always be an active part of each program.

Our programs

1. Individual life coaching. During a week’s stay in Portugal, Nanette will take you out for at least three walks to guide and support you on issues you encounter in your work or personal life. It will be her aim to help you develop your full potential as a person, as well as your full potential as a life coach.

2. Courses. We offer one week courses on beautiful locations in Portugal, in which you learn to incorporate nature into your work as a life coach or therapist. You will deepen and enlarge your skills as a life coach and learn to guide others from a spiritual and at the same time down to earth perspective.

3. Nature retreats. Retreats that focus on deepening the contact with your true nature and that help you to experience more peace, freedom and happiness in your life. Also non professionals can participate in these retreats.