How would it be to have your coach sessions outside, in a natural environment?  What difference would it make to be away from office and walk and talk in the open? Can you imagine how much more space it would give you and your client? And how it could benefit the proces of finding the right answers to your clients questions.?

Nature is the ultimate place to connect people to their inner selves. I have experienced this time and time again, during the 15 years I practice nature based coaching. Nature offers both me as a coach and my clients the right environment to slow down and give space to what wants to be seen and unfold. With the right ground attitude the coaching happens effortless, in a complete natural flow.

Innersteps has grown to be a leader and expert in nature based coaching, offering inspiring and profound courses in Holland and Portugal. Students get to learn many different nature based work forms, each related to a different fase of the coaching proces. But most of all they learn to follow the natural movements of nature. This is the base of all programs. This means that we put a lot of attention in ‘being with what is’. We take time to stand still, to be mindfull and connect with our feelings, before we move on. We first make space in our head and our body, before we take steps into new directions.

Our courses

  • Basic course. This is a 5 day course for people who already work with people, like coaches, therapists, alternative doctors, psychologists or human resource managers. You get to learn many new skills to be able to add nature in your work with your clients.
  • Advanced course. This is a 5 day course for students who followed the basic course and like to deepen their nature based coaching skills. How can guide from a spiritual point of view? How can you deepen your contact with nature? How can you work with more trust and confidence?
  • Tailor-made courses. Would you like to follow a course with a group of colleagues? Or would you like to work on a specific topic? On request, Nanette can organize tailor-made courses for 2-6 persons.