This training is designed for coaches and therapists who like to take their clients into nature and want to deepen their work with individuals. This course is unlike any other coaching training. Participants will learn unique nature based work forms, and experience how they create profound results in only a few sessions.


Mindfulness is the ground attitude from which we work. Mindfulness is based on ancient Buddhist principles. In short it means: focusing your awareness, without any judgments, in the here and now. This means, that you consciously accept reality as it is. Whether this reality is desirable or not.

You practice to work from this non-judgmental attitude and you guide your client in looking at his or her dilemma, with that same attitude. We believe that change is only possible by observing your thoughts and actions carefully, and by embracing all your emotions lovingly, without any judgment. What has been unconscious will become conscious and this will automatically alter old patterns.

The power of working in and with nature

Nature offers not only a tranquil environment for stillness and reflection, it also offers endless possibilities to work with metaphors and symbols. Working with symbols will deepen the process of awareness instantly and lead invariably to new insights and profound breakthroughs.

We will only follow the natural movements of change

When somebody is seeking personal guidance, you can assume that change is already happening. Otherwise one would not seek help. In this course you will learn how to follow the natural movement of this change. We do not want to go faster, neither slow down the process. We want to fully match the natural pace of our clients inner drive. We follow the soul, not the mind. You will see that in this way coaching will become an effortless act, with profound results.

What do students get:

  • Unique work forms
  • Solid tools and tips
  • A hand-out with a clear road map for a complete coaching program
  • Theoretical handouts
  • A lot of personal feedback and guidance from a very skilled trainer

After this course the student will know how to coach, mentor, and lead others in a very natural way with some of the most powerful tools one can offer.

After finishing this course you will receive a certificate which allows you to participate on the advanced course.

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