Day 1: Arrival day

Day 2:

  • What is nature based life coaching? What does coaching from a spiritual perspective mean?
  • The 4 phases in coaching: setting a goal, explore, deepen, complete.
  • Cultivate ground attitude: open, curious and non judgmental.
  • How to create a safe setting
  • First experience working with symbols in nature

Day 3:

  • Nature based coaching methods to determine goal
  • What questions to use for exploring
  • Recognising pitfalls
  • Transfer and countertransference

Day 4:

  • Nature based coachingĀ methods to deepen the process
  • What questions to use to deepen the process
  • Dealing with emotions

Day 5: Day off

Day 6:

  • Nature based coaching methodsĀ for empowerment
  • Working with soul qualities
  • Working with helping sources

Day 7:

  • Nature based coaching methods for completing the process
  • How to make insights tangible and concrete
  • Planning
  • Working with assignments
  • Ending ritual

Day 8: Departure day

Practical information on prices, accommodation, etc