Are you are starting a new business and need to shape your course?
Do you like to incorporate nature into your work as a life coach?
Or do you feel you are moving in negative circles? 
Are things getting on top of you?

… it might be time to set yourself in motion. Literally!

Nanette is specialized in supervising and guiding life coaches who are starting their own business, or who would like their business to grow more. She also guides people who are looking for a refreshing and profound way to deal with life issues.

She has developed a refreshing and very powerful program to help you make the actual change you long for. With her sharp eye and keen questions Nanette can help you, step by step, to get a clear view on your situation. She will listen to you without prejudices and completely be there for you and your story. She will not want to give you all kinds of friendly advice, but will help you to look at yourself and let you find your own solutions.

She has a firm belief that in every person there is an enormous potential. She will do all she can to make that potential visible, so that at the end, you yourself, from your inner power, can create the life (and work) you wish for.