How would it be to take some distance from life’s daily hectic pace? To be in a different place, away from home and work? To just slow down and embrace the here and the now? No obligations. No distractions. No Telephone, no computer, no books or newspapers. Standing still, watching, listening and experiencing what unfolds in the here and now. Nothing more, nothing less.

We are usually so caught up with work, family, computer and social media, that we hardly find a moment of rest or silence. Our body is in a continuous mode of stress. Even when you think you are in a ‘relaxed’ mood chatting away on facebook with your friends, your body still experiences stress.

Giving yourself the time to fully relax, with no distractions at all, just the joy of being with your full awareness in the here and the now, will be very soothing for your physical as well as your mental well being.  Being in nature will help you to (re) connect with yourself, your creativity, your environment and with the vital energy of life.

Retreats in Portugal

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