Nanette gives a structured approach to make questions concrete, feel them through and bring them to a positive focus. The way she works with symbols brings you automatically to deeper levels. She has a natural simplicity that links to a warm involvement. I can recommend the courses whole heartedly - Nellie Wijffelaars

During a coach- week in Portugal I learned to know Nanette’s refreshing and inspiring way of working and I felt how much power is hidden in simplicity. She teaches her method very clearly and by her way of ‘being’ in nature, she invites you to discover your own authenticity. That is how I experienced it and it has been a good basis from where I could develop myself as a nature based life coach… - Rietje van Vlasselaar

In the past few years I have attended several of Nanette’s workshops in Holland. They are always too short in time! In her own natural way of being she provides an afternoon of tranquility and inspiration. As a life coach and consultant I got to know the incredible inspiration and enrichment that sprouts from her way of working. The combination of movement and rest I experienced as relaxing and intense at the same time. I also had the pleasure to be on Nanette’s location in Portugal. In my opinion both the courses in Holland as well as the ones in Portugal are a ‘must’ for everyone who would like to guide him/her self (and others) with heart and soul. Thank you so much! - Rob van Veenendaal

Last week I followed a full day workshop at Innersteps. Topic: your basic attitude as a life coach. It was a very special and also profound day. In her distinctively quiet and compassionate way of teaching, Nanette brought us to the core of what she considers a natural basic attitude. The exercises in the morning were beautiful translations of being curious: to wonder, to discover new perspectives and feel and experience other core qualities. In the afternoon we were coaching each other and explored our own personal challenges, in the perspective of our own basic attitude.
Because we worked in a small group it felt as if I was guided individually all day long.
And thus I have come closer to my own entity of being. Thank you so much – Arletta Albers

Once again I followed an informative and inspiring workshop with Nanette. Every time I learn a lot and receive tools that are very applicable in my daily practice as a life coach. Very recommendable if you want to have new tools to guide your clients.- Esther von Faber

My first experience with Nanette’s lessons is already three years ago and I still follow the workshops from Innersteps with a lot of pleasure. I remember how I was amazed and touched by the power of nature based life coaching and how quick one can get new insights through this method. Recommendable! – Yura Boersma MAMcoaching

Nature retreat at Innersteps, my experience…
Waking up in the morning with the sound of a small bell, the sign for starting the morning with a walking meditation in the orange grove, is a lovely way to wake up and see the sun rise.
Having our meals in silence, the beautiful nature where Nanette took us for our daily silent walk and the exercises we did in nature helped me come closer to myself. At times I even felt the child in me again.
To share our experiences in the afternoon, seated in the garden, was a very welcome activity, because also by sharing I learned to see myself better. It was very pleasant to feel a safe space in which Nanette helped me to speak out, what I tended to hide. This safety was created by the way Nanette showed respect to us and our feelings and how she encouraged us by pointing out that every thought and every feeling was welcome and respected. If we tended to interrupt one another, she would redirect us with a calm and compassionate voice.
Ending the day with a meditation and move into Noble Silence (what a beautiful word!) was a pleasant experience,. It helped me fall asleep in quiet and wake up very close and connected to myself. - Marij Vedder

Dear Nanette,
I cannot thank you enough for all you have given during the retreat. It changed my life, it was exactly the puzzle peace I needed, like a machine that cannot work because one piece is missing. And all the little wonders that have happened since then! I feel like my old self again, the one I was when I was travelling. I can see beauty again, can be friends with myself again and have let go quite a bit of my control, which feel like a big relief.
That is why i called the retreat a present of god, for now I have found my own path again. Thank you….
A lotus for you, a Buddha to be… - Irene van der Post